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highscore - a lightweight ruby library that finds and ranks keywords in a string

05 Feb 2012

I wrote about messie here the other day and what I use it for is that I want to automatically download pages and find keywords in their content. Say for instance, this article should have the keywords "keywords, highscore, ruby" and so on. Just a list of tags that describe this page's content.

Highscore exactly does that. Give it a string and a blacklist (you don't want to have words like "like, you, want" in your keywords or would you?) and it gives you all the important words back. You can configure highscore to rate words based on their characteristics, e.g. upper case words should have a double weight, longs words (say, the threshold is 20 chars) should have half, and so on.




keywords = "This is just a very basic example,
  look at the readme to see what's
  possible using highscore.".keywords

keywords.rank.each do |word|
  puts word.text

Try it!

gem install highscore

You can find highscore on and the sources and bug tracker are on Github. If you want to add features, feel free to fork the repository and send me a pull request :)